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Download Birth Certificate Online Tamilnadu

Downloading Birth Certificate Online TN E-Governance 

    Government provides provision to download the Birth Certificate Online. Its the modernisation of the tamilnadu e-governance scheme. No need to goto the municipal office and follow their procedure. The tamilnadu government was improved and providing information online itself.As per the goverment it is applicable to the all citizen. This certificate was used to validate your age in many application. This is necessary while joining the school or college. This proves you have the proper age to join any company , services , school or for applying to the any kind of government schemes. Also can be used as proof for passport applications.

Last Update : 1st Jan 2016

New additions: Coimbature

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Birth Certificate for Chennai People:

 The application for the people from the chennai are very simple. They have to fillup the simple form about the children. The mandatory details includes the Father name, Mothe name, Place of birth, Date of Birth and the registration number

Birth Certificate for the  Tiruchi

 The birth records search portal became popular after the implementation in the chennai. The subsequent implementation was successful at the trichy. For the locating the records the mandatory details that you need to know is Registered Year and the zone.


 Birth Certificate for the Salem

 The Salem town opened the online portal for the forms download through the online facility. It has been under the very basic stages of the developments. 

Refer link below and choose Download > Birth certificate


Birth Certificate for the Madurai

 The madurai corporation also created their own e governance portal through which the birth certificate request initiation can be attained. They are providing a downloadable forms on the internet

List of forms will be displayed. Choose the Birth Certificate in the list

Birth Certificate for the Coimbature

 The coimbatore municipality provides the e governance services online. It was very modernized up to the people  expectation. Like the chennai corporation they are also providing the provision for the downloading the birth certificates online through the PDF forrmat


People belongs to other towns:

 The government provide the large no of services online. the Birth certificate was one of it. you can download the form online at 

Other town people instead of getting tired of searching internet for downloading the online, we suggest to you reach the nearby municipalities location to your town.

Continuation of the research online to download could lead to disappointment or advertisement pages. To know the how the computerised the birth certificate do applicable for other towns of tamilnadu refer the links below.

Download here

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  1. my name is mani i don't have barth certificate my age is 24 now how do i get my barth certificate

  2. my name is mangala sankar g p don't have birth certificate my age is 23 now how do i get my birth certificate

  3. I have been issued a birth certificate by Madurai Corporation indicating my date of birth as 21 July 1975 But the name of father is obliterated due to handling. How can I get an authentic copy of the same. I am now in US and the certificate is required for submission to US immigration authorities.

  4. Hello sir, I'm Bharathithasan from Dindingul district, 24 years old. I don't have a birth certificate still now. How can I get it, can you give a procedure for get the same.

  5. my name is sivaprakash from cuddalore district, i do not have birth certificate.. plz help me

  6. Hi I am Ranjani Saravanan from Chennai but I was born inThanjavur District. I lost my birth certificate, How do I get duplicate certificate??